Donations may be one of the ways you can contribute to the work we do in our community.  Some options that you might consider in supporting the Greater Moncton Women’s Progress Club include:

  • Sponsorship – Your organization may wish to sponsor one of our annual events either through a funding sponsorship or a product sponsorship for which you will be given sponsorship recognition in the publicity that we undertake for the event.
  • Cash Donations – You may wish to make a cash donation in support of one of the events that we take on during the year or to make a cash donation to one of our charities.
  • Miscellaneous Donations – From time to time we are looking for donations for a specific situation which we will list on this website.  Such situations may be a young mother in need of items for a new born, or assistance for a family that has met with unfortunate circumstance.  This may be a way you can contribute to your community.
  • Purchasing Tickets for Fundraisers – Purchasing tickets for our fundraisers is a great way for you to support our work, and it provides you with an opportunity to socialize with other members of your organization by attending these fundraisers as a group!  Taking your staff to one of these events is also a wonderful way for your organization to show your staff that they are appreciated!
  • Inter-office fundraising – You can rally your team/colleagues together to get involved by creating different challenges. These fundraising efforts will assist us in supporting local families in need at any given time during the year.10959848_780797401974556_1928410086341667603_n